Tommy See Poy

Music Teacher

When I was growing up in the small town of Innisfail, there were no music schools that taught the inner workings of music theory. Like many of my generation, you had to copy off records and cassette tape. Now, we have the internet that is crammed with useful information, unfortunately, there is just as much misinformation posted too. In any case, most students need hands on explanations for things to make sense.
As a teacher, I take great pleasure in lifting the veil on what might seem like a magical world where only the selected few with inherited musical talent can enter. Music is for everybody.
I spent 5 years at Cairns TAFE where students from all walks of life and heritage, succeeded in passing my course. The information is universal, the difference is, like anything else, dedication and time spent on practice and performance. Whatever your musical aspirations might be, I am very confident that you will leave the lessons, inspired and full of the same practical information that the professionals use to succeed.
My practice room is fully equipped with everything that students need to explore there potential. A Kawai grand piano, digital keyboard, drums, conga drums, hand percussion and a fully loaded Pro Tools equipped Mac Computer to record your next album. All available in air conditioned comfort.

Tommy See Poy
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