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That Rockabilly Guy @ Mountain view Hotel little Mulgrave

Venue: Mountain View Hotel

Artist: That Rockabilly Guy

12:00pm Sunday 5th January 2020

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That Rockabilly Guy @  Mountain view Hotel  little Mulgrave


A unique original sound and live performance the original Rock n Roller .
That Rockabilly Guy is a soloist of merit watch listen as he creates his unique sound live on stage. New songs old familiar songs all played live no backing tracks.
New age nuance rockabilly sound he uses recent songs from the music of today and turns them into rockabilly tracks U2, Springsteen, Aerosmith not easy to do but sounds original attracting a lot of attention.
A very professional entertainer showman of experience.
From the smooth tones of his Gretsch guitar to the thumping beats from the chrome double bass a very wild raucous sound with melodic overtones.
Wild Rockabilly Rock n Roll smooth crooning easy to listen to music. Jumping beats foot tapping times and filled dance floors.
A head turning venue changing soloist act that packs out were ever he plays.
Authentic listeners and dressers of this genres come and follow his shows.
That Rockabilly Guy creates not only a great retro sound if you close your eyes you would think you were back in the 50s but also a wild modern Rockabilly Rock n Roll sound if you've seen The Stray Cats then your on track.
That Rockabilly Guy plays authentic 50s music played originaly and some modern .

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That Rockabilly Guy @  Mountain view Hotel  little Mulgrave


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