About Entertainment Cairns

Entertainment Cairns was launched in January 2009 in response to community concern about the closure of live music venues in the Cairns region.

Set up by: Damian Codotto (cairns web designer and cairns recording studio owner); Ray Elias (musician, event management, convener of People Advocating Live Music or PALM); Caz Williams (live music advocate, publisher of the first PALM gig guide prior to Entertainment Cairns) and assisted by Melissa Robertson, then Cultural Development Officer for Arts Nexus and a passionate advocate for capacity building in the arts community.

Entertainment Cairns set these goals

  • Promote entertainment in Cairns and the surrounding regions.
  • Build interest of audiences and encourage people to attend all forms of live performance in our
  • Create easy access to accurate, quality information provided by the artists, venues and
  • Provide a website with cross links and developed search capabilities and the ability
    to print a summary of the gig guide.
  • Increase opportunities for artists and venues to promote themselves and help
    sustain their businesses and our live performance industry.
  • Measure how Entertainment Cairns has impacted on their business.

First 12 Months

  • Partnerships formed with Black & White Taxis, TicketLiNK - major sponsor and online ticketing promoter , media partners - SeaFM/Hot FM and tourism group Destination Cairns Marketing.
  • Significant support by performers, venues and promoters. Still have a long way to go to be the comprehensive site we aim to become. Upgraded functions are on the way aiming to captivate the market even further.
  • 26000+ unique visitors in 2009 averaging 4500+ unique visitors per month in Oct, Nov, Dec 2009
  • Many performers commenting on the sites' success in generating more gigs and functions
  • TicketLiNK and on-line ticketing of major events in Cairns.

6 years On... Still going Strong!!!

  • 1 million pageviews after 18 months! And 5 million pageviews after 43 months!
  • Zinc FM became a media partner offering radio adverts promoting the website and our Platinum Venues.
  • Several volunteers are assisting the project and many musicians direct people to the website
    and /or make announcements about how to find their gigs easily.
  • Survey of performers conducted and released (August 2012) Fantastic feedback!
    See Site Lines https://www.entertainmentcairns.com/hilliers-hotline/hilliers-hotline-site-lines.php 

Please support Entertainment Cairns and help contribute to a more vibrant, culturally diverse live

music and performance "brand" in the Cairns Region.

By using our website to locate performers and events of interest, you will support artists and
entertainment venues. Turn off the TV, the computer, the play station and enjoy live performance!!
Please spread the word!!

For more information or enquires, contact the team at info@entertainmentcairns.com

All photos by Lovegreen Photography