Adrian Thomas

Roots/Cultural/Ambient Solo

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On a sweltering 40 degree summer day a man standing on the crossroads had left behind his home, his job, his life to Meditate in the heart of Australia and learn from an Elder. He sat and reflected on his relinquishing of all the mod cons of city life, no money, no security and no direction just an Acoustic Guitar and a dream of something more. As he plucked the strings on that fateful day he found the rhythm to his rhyme, he found his calling, he found the music!

Island/Roots fused with the sacred, Adrian’s blend of uplifting, lyrically driven songs, sweeping melodies and sacred chants will inspire, challenge and open the heartstrings. With lyrics that arouse hope, empowerment and a strong connection to land, he synthesises an earthy, uncomplicated sound and dishes out seductive poetry with his deep, powerful voice. Adrian’s music is a bridge between the old and the new, lifting the soul and reconnecting the spirit in a journey of healing and unity with a modern day music medicine man.

Adrian Thomas
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Nahko, Mike Love, Xavier Rudd
Gig Highlights
St Kilda Festival, Fiji Day, Touring Hawaii,, NYE Fogarty Park Cairns, Yarrabah Band Festival
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