Andy Mack

Progressive/Originals/Jazz Soloist/Sideman

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Andy is one of Cairns' best known guitar teachers. Please feel free to send a message with any enquiry.

Author of 'The Reference Book'. It is 'The worlds finest book of essential chords, scales and arpeggios for guitar'. More information can be found at

As an original artist Andy writes big songs about big issues. He delivers his original Jazz/Rock compositions with a soaring Rock voice, underpinned with eclectic improvised guitar work that captures both acoustic and synthetic guitar tones.

A fine songwriter and performer, Andy crafts his songs around his rich guitar motifs and rhythms with vocals that are powerful, sustained and melodic.

By day he is a mild mannered guitar teacher. By night he plays like a man possessed. His favourite quote is: "I've suffered for my music, and now it's your turn!"

*Profile photo by Crystal Bustos Photography.

Andy Mack
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