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Drumming Instrumentalist

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Cairns Taiko is a not-for-profit club, established in 2011. Cairns is our hometown, in far north Queensland. Taiko is the Japanese word for drums, drumming, and drum performances. 日本語での書き込みも大歓迎!

We aim to share our love of taiko, and to promote cross-cultural understanding, community spirit, health and fitness, coordination, teamwork and the joy of music, through our performances, rehearsals, and workshops.

All our members are volunteers, and all monies raised from performances go directly toward the purchase, maintenance, storage and transportation of our drums, gongs, other instruments, stage costumes and equipment.

Visitors and new members always welcome.

Cairns Taiko
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Set list
We choose which pieces we will rehearse and play at each performance based upon information from the event organisers, including the type of event, size and height of the stage, length of time for the performance, and which of our members will be available on the day. Some of the pieces we might play include:


Matsuri means festival in Japanese. Feel free to clap along with us!


This is a variation of a traditional piece from the island of Miyake where a unique style developed involving two players playing on opposite sides of a single drum.


This piece is about the journey of water. It starts with a thunderstorm, a trickle of water that builds into a river, and the fish rejoice.


This is a variation of a traditional festival piece from the Chichibu region of Japan. A float is paraded through the streets, pulled by hundreds of people, and inside the float is a single large drum. Our stage version has several floats all playing in unison.


The title means brave horses. You might be able to detect a galloping sound, but it’s a simple and fun piece.


This piece was inspired by a festival in which fishermen compete to deliver the best taiko performance, the winner blessed with good fishing for the year. Our stage version mimics this with two teams, but our rivalry is all for fun and we hope you enjoy the friendly competition.
Kodo, Tao, TaikOz
Gig Highlights

• AJS FNQ & Oyama Friendship and Scholarship Dinner
• Japan Expo 2013, Fogarty Park
• Tropical Wave Festival, Fogarty Park
• Kuranda Night Market (August)
• Cairns Festival Grand Parade, Cairns Esplanade
• Sister Cities National Day, Cairns Esplanade
• Peace Lutheran College International Night, Kamerunga
• Japan Day of Hope, Masonic Hall
• James Cook University O-Week, JCU Cairns Campus


• Oceania Judo Union Championships, Cairns Convention Centre
• Tropical Wave Festival, Fogarty Park
• Asia Week, Trinity Bay State High School
• Shubukan Karate Dojo Party, Edmonton


• JapaNite Part 2, Buddha Bar
• JapaNite, Buddha Bar
• Oceania Judo Union Championships, Cairns Convention Centre
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