Culture and Kitsch: Art and Taste

Venue: Stratford Library Meeting Room

Artist: Lynne Gibson

Promoter: ArtsNational Cairns

2:00pm Sunday 25th August 2024

Culture and Kitsch: Art and Taste

Cost: $25 for visitors or $70 per half-year membership (4 lectures) - offer closes at end of August. Pay at the door.

What has happened to art? Tracy Emin reveals her dirty knickers and crumpled sheets, Damien Hirst pickles fish and directs pop videos, Jeff Koons stars in pornographic photographs and designs giant floral puppies. Surely Raphael, Rembrandt and Reynolds would be turning in their graves! Is high-brow culture ‘dumbing down’ or is art becoming gloriously democratic, embracing consumerism, the mass media and kitsch? If you are regarded as ‘elitist’ or, conversely, if you are a secret hoarder of garden gnomes, this lecture will offer some insights into the politically incorrect world of Culture, Fine Art, and Taste.

Lynne Gibson is a freelance lecturer in History of Art, and in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. She has worked at the Universities of Sussex and Bristol and has conducted lectures, courses and guided tours for organisations including Art Galleries and Museums, The Art Fund, The National Trust and The Arts Society. She is a professional artist specializing in oil painting and etching, has been exhibited widely and her work used in a range of publications.

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Culture and Kitsch: Art and Taste
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