Dorothy Clews

Painter/Art Exhibition/Installation Visual Artist

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Dorothy Clews, born in the United Kingdom, has lived in rural and outback Australia for the last thirty three years. Twenty, of which, have been spent studying for an Associate Diploma Fine Art (tapestry) learning the rules of weaving tapestry, and how to break them. Gently. In between times she has exhibited widely in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, spent five years working for the American Tapestry Alliance on various projects and been involved with various community arts projects in whatever community she has lived in.

Dorothy Clews
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Mary Lane, in fibre Arts Magazine says of her work “Through partial decomposition, or time, her tapestries, with their landscape imagery, become an actual part of the landscape. They embody the cycle of creation and destruction and the hope of rebirth through their conservation”
Clews says “The world as we know it has shifted. It is a new kind of world that we live in. Mankind is creating a very different Earth, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We are unraveling the fabric of the earth and life, as we know it, and making something new, it is that gap that I am interested in, the space between past tradition and the unknown future that is a potentially new landscape to be discovered, invented and made”.
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