Emily Ruffin, Vocalist

Covers/ Alternative/Country Solo

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Autobiography of Emily Jane Ruffin
As a young girl, my Auntie Karen thought I was good enough to enter, the Young Talent Time Show, but I think my parents thought I was too young. Hairbrush in hand, I would sing and dance alone in my room, envisioning an audience and dreaming of becoming a professional singer. This has become a reality, although I could be a better dancer. I used to spend hours in my bedroom recording myself singing into my first cassette player, to the likes of Robyn, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. At the age of 11, Auntie Karen bought me a guitar, I attempted to learn to play but my fingers were too small. Still to this day, that is the case but I intend on learning in my spare time. At the age of 15, she brought me 2 hour session in a recording studio. I recorded Mariah Carey’s “Dream Lover”. I owe here her for the enthusiasm and time she had for me, the belief she had and still has in me, and the courage she has instilled into me to keep going. I auditioned for Star Search. Poor mum waited with me from 9am till 5pm. I chose to perform Britney Spears “Oops I did it again". Song choice is the most important thing. It could make or break you.
At the age of 16 I would sing Karaoke at the Mundijong and Byford Pubs. I would often have the crowd asking for me to continue singing. I entered a Karaoke competition at “The Hog” Irish pub in Fremantle. The support from my family and friends was unbelievable. I came runner up of 10 people in 5 heats so I along with my family we’re very proud of this achievement.
I joined a band at another College as one of 3 vocalists. We all had a share of headlining songs and were back up for one another. On 3 occasions, we performed at the “Fly by Night club” in Fremantle for underage youth entertainment.
My parents allowed me to join a recording studio at the age of 16. Auntie Karen used to take me also. We did spend more time learning to dance, which ultimately wasn’t what I was more interested in. I did however spend one session in the recording studio, but never had my song collaborated with the music that was written for me, ”How much you mean to me”. I will get there with it one day in my music career.
The highlight of my new found singing career was performing at my Year 12 Graduation, as it had become no secret that I could sing. My Year Coordinator, Mr John Brett who is a great supporter of mine to this day, requested that I perform the theme song, Mariah Carey’s “Hero”. It was such an honour. After moving to Geraldton for a month, then back to Perth for TAFE, I attended a Karaoke pub in Armadale. As I was only 17, Auntie Karen joined me every Saturday night. I won many challenges but never the main competitions.
I moved back to Geraldton 6 months later. A couple of years later, a work mate Scott Evans introduced me to a friend of his George Scicluna. George is a Music Teacher and can play almost any musical instrument you can throw at him. To this day, he has involved me in many music orientated events around Geraldton, and for this I am very grateful. He and his business also appear on my first covers album.
Geraldton Idol was a “Blast”. This is where I met Zain Lauder, who is a larger than life character. One of the most Talented Artists I’ve ever met. Geraldton Idol started with approximately 20 contestants. On Grand final night the final 5, performed 4 songs each. Erin Kelly, whom also is a fantastic performer and these days, is working very hard towards a singing career, took out the Idol position.
I soon joined a band called “Half Cut” with Mick, Ryan Purcer and John Pietrie. Sean Monk was also in the band for a short time but unfortunately left. We played a large range of covers music from Rouge Traders to Cold chisel. We had a set list of just over 40 tracks. We performed at many events and fundraisers such as, Mingenew Race day, Coronation Wind surfing competition, Relay for life. Also at the Wintersun Hotel, Bootenal, and we used to have Breakers Bar and Café packed out, sometimes 2 nights in a row. Those were the good times. We entered the “Battle of the Bands” competition, but unfortunately only won the runner up spot.
4 years quickly went by and I felt my time with them had to end, for medical and personal reasons. It was becoming complicated and the reasons I left the band outweighed the reasons I joined. On Australia Day in 2008, I announced my leaving and that was really quite a sad day. The band “Half Cut” kept on for a little while but then broke up. Some of the band members are still within other local bands in Geraldton.
I had a break for about 4 years, did karaoke at family gatherings, Byford Tavern and Open mic nights at the Freemason’s Hotel every now and then.
In July 2011, I entered the Geraldton heats of the World Karaoke Championships. I attended 6 of 10 heats. Of the numerous contestants and fantastic talent we have in this town and I was chosen to be in the top 5. Zain Lauder and Jackie were chosen to represent Geraldton in the second stages of the competition. Zain was in the top 3 for WA, but unfortunately unsuccessful.
I then joined Midwest Entertainment with George Scicluna, whom was my Music Manager / Organiser. I have performed at the Geraldton Home-grown festival, the Sunshine festival, Australia day in Dongara and Geraldton, where I was placed on the grandstand and that was amazing. I had the opportunity to record 3 cover songs in a recording studio “Bunker Studio".
In November 2011, I had the wonderful opportunity of performing on Telethon. Zain Lauder and I sung Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t no mountain high enough” as a duet. It was the best day of my life. It was at 10.20 am on Sunday morning. Perfect timing for exposure. The messages and calls from friends and family poured in. My parents were so proud, to the point “mum says” dad had a tear in his eyes. That is a wonderful thing to know.
Zain and I then launched our Solo careers at the Freemason’s Hotel. This was a great night. It was a great opportunity to "Get out There”.
On Valentine’s Day in February 2012, I performed at my first, very own gig at the Freemasons Hotel which wasn’t to be my one and only. Of which the Freemasons Hotel is featured on my covers albums. I performed a diverse range of music and the feeling of having your own gig was simply amazing.
Throughout the last 10 years of my life I have auditioned for numerous Talent quests. Australian Idol twice. On the second try out I had the opportunity to sing the verse and chorus of 2 songs but was still unsuccessful. In 2011, I auditioned for “Australia’s got Talent. My mum Robin, Auntie Karen and my partner at the time waited with me from 5 am. I was first to audition as the act in front of me, had to wait for one of their members to arrive. This was the best feeling. I sung Whitney Houston’s “I have nothing”. This was filed for later judging but I didn’t hear back so I assume I was unsuccessful. Also X Factor and online auditions for The Voice were unsuccessful. It amuses me at times when people say, “why don’t you audition for a talent competition". Their reaction and the look on their faces when I name the competitions I have auditioned for is priceless. Hence why I don’t watch the shows as I take it more seriously than most of them, plus I’d rather work hard and reap the rewards than to be held to contract and have a company make the money out of my work.
A major part of my life is my family knowing my talent and wanting me to perform for them anytime I have the chance. At the age of 16 I performed at my Auntie Diane’s wedding. At the age of 19, I sung at my parents wedding as a surprise. Also Auntie Janet and Uncle Mark’s wedding and my cousins Paul Johns wedding. I am sometimes asked to at other weddings and parties but sometimes I feel it isn’t necessary. Most recently I sung at my beloved Auntie Marlene’s funeral, this was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Then I had the opportunity to sing and be a MC for one of my best friend, Holly and her Husband Erin’s, wedding
I have now found the man of my dreams, he has put me on the right track and is by my side almost every step of the way. His support is relentless and for this I am eternally in his debt. I met him at a gig for a friend’s birthday party, since then we have been inseparable. Since he and I have been together my music has taken a turn for the better. Much better. He sets my gear up, promotes me and supports me more than I ask for.
In 2013 I performed at the Mullewa Rodeo. I had the opportunity to meet Chelsea Basham. She is such a delight and an inspiration to me. I performed again in May 2014 where I shared the stage this time with Beccy Cole. I gave her band Manager a package but it was left behind, and left a bad taste in my mouth, but I guess you get that.
I have had many gigs, Mother’s day, Valentine’s day and "Emily Ruffin's" Karaoke at the Freemasons Hotel via Midwest Entertainment and Sunday sessions at the Latitude 28 Bar and Cafe. 2013 and 2014 bought many opportunities to perform at the Charity begins at home functions, Australia Day and Harmony Day celebrations. Also donating my time to perform at events such as Relay for Life, the Manny McAullay, the benefit concerts and Bogan Bingo fundraisers.
At the 2013 Great Northern Football League Grand Final I sung the National anthem in front of hundreds of people. I was humbled to take on this challenge
I entered the 2013 World Karaoke Championships where in the Grand Final I came 3rd. I then represented Geraldton alongside Courtney Cornell, who is a very talented well-adjusted female Vocalist in a band called Stolen Company. I won the State round for Western Australia and was given the opportunity to represent W.A in the competition. I was most happy and could almost not even walk. I travelled to Tweeds head, Queensland along with my parents, Brothers, Grandparents and my friend Holly. Unfortunately I did not win, but the opportunity was the best to date. I was approached by one of the judges post comp and he suggested I look into advertising vocal opportunities. I will look into this.

I, along with 3 other musicians and community minded represents, created and recorded a fund raising song for "Foodbank Geraldton". “Food for Christmas” was created to raise funds to help people who are not so lucky and has done a great job of doing so. There has been a boost in raising awareness within the community. I am very proud that I have been a part of this and will continue to assist in any way possible. I have and will continue to donate a small amount of takings from my covers CD to Foodbank.
I have had the honour of being nominated for an Active Citizenship Award. My sister in law nominated me in acknowledgement of my work and contribution "musically" within the community. It was a lovely achievement.
In the past, I have been performing at any event I am asked to, I am writing my own songs and learning to play the guitar. My partner and I have set off to travel around Australia and experience a different way of living. Along the way I am promoting Geraldton and gain gigs wherever I can. I have designed a logo which entails all the greatness of our city and surrounding areas. I have had bumper stickers and stubby holders made and we are in the process of designing a T shirt and possibly Hooded Jumpers also
After all of my efforts, knock backs and hard work I think it was time for something to give huh, well it did. Before Darren and I set off on our trip and my “Australian Tour”, I applied for an Artists program Grant through the City of Greater Geraldton. “Guess what…. I won”. The grant assisted in the manufacture of my first Album, Recording studio session time, a banner and extra merchandise production. I reimbursed myself some of the money I had spent. At times, almost every last dime I had, down to the dollar. This Music business is a tough business. If anyone says it’s easy, maybe they won one of those competitions and get to do what they love for a living, not just as a hobby when they can in their spare time….I hope to apply for another to set up an event in Sydney or Melbourne when we make it over there, involving home grown and Aussie talent.
I have released 2 Covers albums which are for sale. The albums are the most difficult, long, hard processes I’ve ever undertaken in my music career. Friends of mine have assisted me in getting to this stage and I am so grateful. A friend of mine Aaron Wilcox, owns and runs a local Recording studio "Epic Sounds" which created the recordings.
My loyal friend and Manager back home, Dave Clare, whom is an Inspirational speaker amongst other things, has assisted me and produced the cover and business cards professionally. He has had a website set up for me www.ruffinittour.com . He also maintains my Vocalist page and promotes me back home. Thanks to him, along with my partner, I wouldn’t have the drive to promote myself and create my music as much as I do today. He is always willing to assist and never asks for anything in return except that I believe in myself
The tracks used have all been purchased from a Karaoke company in France and all of the tracks are APRA approved.
I believe, you cannot control life and you never know where your path is leading, you never know who is watching or what opportunities may arise, so do your best and if you fall or fail, learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, brush off the dust and move on. Many mistake I have made and now I believe "Now" is my time.

Emily Ruffin, Vocalist
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Set list
Too many to name but here's a few

Chantelle Kruizia - Feels like home
Michael Jackson - The way you make me feel
Adele - Rolling in the deep
Bic Runga - Sway
Celine Dion - At last
Rihanna - S&M, only girl in the world. Diamonds
Creedence Clearwater - Midnight Special, heard it through the grapevine
Lady Antebellumn - Get to me, Need you now
Faith Hill - Breath, Let me let go
The Pretenders - Brass in pocket
Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
Norah Jones - Turn me on
Pat Benatar - All fired up
Melissa Ethridge - Like the way I do, Bring me some water
U2 - With or without you
ACDC - Long way to the top
Missy Higgins - Scar
Kings of Leon- Sex on fire, Use somebody
Dolly Parton - Jolene
Duffy - Mercy
Demi lavarto - Skyscraper
Jessie J - Price tag
Carrie Underwood - Undo it, Temporary home, Mumma's song, Flat on the floor
Pink - So What, Who knew, Dear Mr President, just give me a reason
Sarah Mclauchlan -Angels
4 Non Blondes - Whats up
Alannah Myles- Black Velvet
Dixie Chicks - Not ready to make nice
Divinals - I touch myself
Eagles - Hotel California
Fairground Attraction - Perfect
Gretchen Wilson - Redneck Woman
Guns N Roses - Sweet Child of Mine
Joan Jett - I love Rock and Roll
Katy Perry - Roar
Kellie Pickler - Best days of your life
Meredith Brooks - Bitch
Whitney Houston - Hes all Ive got,
Cold Chisel - Flame trees, Bow river
John Mellencamp - Hurt so good
Gwyneth Paltrow - Betty Davis Eyes
Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud
Alicia Keys - If I aint got you

Celine Dion
Foo Fighters
Mariah Carey
Jessie J

Many more

Gig Highlights
Representing W.A in the 2013 World Karaoke Championships
Holding Emily Ruffin's Karaoke for Midwest Entertainment
Lead Vocalist for Half Cut the band
Australia Day and Sunshine Festivals in Geraldton 3 years straight
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