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Esscine (pronounced Ess-een) is the musical spirit child of Zimbabwean-Australian Matthew Bell, fusing his talents as a traditional musician and songwriter with his love for soulful electronica. As an artist with varied musical tastes, Esscine incorporates ambient 80's inspired reverbs with African influenced grooves, making his work an emotive and sensory experience with a consciousness-altering intensity. The sound is all about yin and yang; mixing modern and classic to get the best of both worlds.

The name 'Esscine' was born out of Bell's experiences discovering the Essene Teachings whilst traveling through France by bike. It was in a 300 year old French farmhouse in the Pyrenees Mountains that his inspiration for pursuing a path of self discovery and greater health through raw, living foods began. Esscine's progressive and provocative tunes are an extension of this journey.

Both his father and grandfather were musicians, and growing up the household piano became the starting point for his lifelong passion. Although he hated sitting through piano lessons as a child, it was when he realised he didn't have to read music to play music that his creativity was set free. He has fond memories of his father teaching him a jazzy version of "Summertime" on the piano - and the rest is history.

Bell has spent a lifetime studying music and eight years working in other bands and acts as a session musician, supporting artists such as Bon Jovi, Human Nature, Thirsty Merc, Yo La Tengo, Husky, Grace Woodroofe, Jeremy Gregory, Rachel Claudio, Nina Ferro and The Black Sorrows. Esscine is a creative diversion from this; a project born from Bell's desire to fulfill his own dream, producing and creating original music that embodies his true self.

Esscine's musical influences include the likes of Sting, Paul Simon, Bonobo, Phil Collins, SOHN and James Blake. His African roots are always at the forefront of his work, which translates as experimental, ambient grooves that move the soul. All Esscine tracks are recorded at 528Hz, also known as the 'frequency of love' - these frequencies are healing to human DNA, encouraging listeners to realise and embrace their true potential.

Currently based in Cairns, Australia, Esscine is busy honing his craft, playing gigs and producing for other artists. He is in the process of releasing his first mixtape, "Cause of Movement", track by track starting on 23rd May 2014.

The next 12 months will see Esscine further establishing himself in the industry, with more mixtapes and collaborations on the cards. He has hit the ground running, and loving every moment of following his heart to fulfill his creative life goals - something that he hopes to inspire others to do also. "

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Phil Collins, SOHN, Bonobo, Sting, Gotye
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