Faye Pini

Multimedia Painter

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I am a visual artist who has always had an interest in art and creativity. With an initial emphasis on acrylic painting I have watched other artists or attended workshops and tried out ideas or techniques, always feeling my way and looking for inspiration. Within the Cooktown School of Art Society members have freely offered constructive critiques and advice on painting. I have learnt a lot watching other artists. Above all I see plenty of brush time as being the true teacher when thinking of ways of improving my art. I have attended art workshops in Cooktown and surrounds given by many talented artists. Each art tutor I have followed at workshops has something to offer and through their methods, techniques and art philosophy differ they are all wonderful teachers and willing to guide an immature artist towards excellence in art. More recently I have became interested in other mediums such as graphite, pastel, oil and mixed media. When I start a painting it is usually inspired by the sight of something, maybe a bright colour, a wonderful texture or pattern or shape, out of the corner of my eye. It amazes me to catch a fleeting glimpse of something beautiful or startling which is gone with the next shift in light.Living in tropical north Queensland in a jungle garden with dappled light shimmering through wet or misted trees provided daily wonders as the plants, birds, insects and light combine in a million different ways. My styles vary from traditional representational to impasto abstract or contemporary. I have not yet settled to one medium or artistic style. Computers are also an interest. I use a digital camera to capture images that I can use to create digital photographic ‘art’. This has led to a variety of experimentation with style, colour and format. With each artwork or photograph I aim to create something unique whether in a traditional or a more expressive style. As long as I challenge myself and provide interest for the viewer I will continue to enjoy creating visual art. For recent art works see mu \'Faye\'s4Art Blog\' at http://fayes4art.blogspot.com.au/

Faye Pini
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Professional and amateur artists including: Vikki Cook, Greg Dwyer, Linda Jackson, Ludij Peden, Graham W Smith, Maxine Thompson, Ross Franzi, Trevor Maudsley, Warratah Nicholls, Betty Clarke, Irene Taylor, Lou Derry, David K Rees, Lea Stevens and Dean Vella plus many others.
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