For Event Organisers and Promoters is where you need to be seen if you want local, national and international audiences to know about your live entertainment. You also have the option to show your profile about you as a promoter / event organiser.

Features of

  • Event Profile - photo, link to contact for bookings and enquiries
  • Promoter Profile for info about you and events your promote, website link, contact details and current events listed in Entertainment Cairns
  • Your events listed in a well presented entertainment guide
  • Cross links that show all your events when one is viewed

Set Up Your Account, Profile, Events

  • Follow easy steps to set up an account, then create your profile
  • Once your profile is set up, add events / gigs.
  • If you are booking an artist for several dates, make a note / copy your event title and description and "copy and paste" the wording for other dates. In future you will be able to copy an event and change the date for other listings.
  • Repeated weekly events can be easily added for up to 10 weeks/days/ months
  • Use a hi res photo - professional standard and less than 2 MB in size before uploading

Venues and Artists

Promoters and artists can add their events at listed or unlisted venues. It is advisable to inform venue managers when you list events. Some venue managers may prefer to exclusively manage events.

Feature Event Promotion advertising

Feature Event Promotion advertising is available on Entertainment Cairns in our weekly newsletter and on the website. Contact us if interested in more information.

Please contact if you have questions, problems or feedback.

Remember, we are music / event industry people and committed to continually improving this site for the benefit of artists and the industry. Give us feedback and spread the word to help promote the site, the live performance venues and your gigs!

Thank You

The Entertainment Cairns Team