The Visual Arts Guide

Entertainment Cairns is proud and excited to announce its Visual Arts Guide which in fact has 3 components - Visual Artists & Writers profiles, Visual Arts & Exhibition Events  and Visual Arts Spaces and Galleries .

In 2008, the original aspiration of Entertainment Cairns was to help revitalise the diminishing live music scene of the Cairns region. "Live performance" - theatre, dance, comedy, puppetry, DJ and even face painting was included. We also had some visual artists and galleries knocking at our door.

"Our success as a grassroots website has been the participation and contribution of the performers and venues," according to founder of Entertainment Cairns, Ray Elias who adds : "Since there is a synergistic fit between all creative art forms and their audiences, we have decided to extend our site to support the visual arts & writer communities thus creating a more complete Cultural Arts directory and event guide for the region".

Doing so has meant some design work  to separate live performance from visual and writers media. The original gig guide has become so full of events, it makes sense to have a separate link for the Visual Arts Guide. We are hoping this section will also become full and contribute to a richer more vibrant region plus contribute to the economy of the Arts at a time when it is certainly under much pressure.


Visual Artists of all forms

Visual Artists of all forms - painting, sculpture, new media, photography and including writers - you are all invited to create a professional profile and then add any of your events and exhibitions whether short term or long term. Simply register your free account, activate the account when you receive a confirmation email, and create your profile. The website allows you to add multiple profiles so if you are a musician and a painter, you can create two profiles in two different sections of the site.


Arts Spaces and Galleries

Arts Spaces and Galleries are also invited to create a venue profile and also add long term exhibit events. There will be scope to have Arts Venues which also conduct regular live performance to be seen in both sections of the website -live performance and visual arts.

The success of the Visual Arts Guide will depend on of effective contribution by  visual artists, writers and venues/galleries just as it was when Entertainment Cairns was first established and supported predominantly by the music community.

What Entertainment Cairns offers visual artists/writers and venues apart from a free profile and event listing is the web presence and strong search engine rankings which draws both regular users, new users and what's called "organic traffic" to our website. This means potentially new audiences finding you, your work, your exhibitions thus adding to your industry and the collective Arts community .

Please spread the word and promote the Visual Arts Guide and help create a stronger Cultural Arts Community in our region!! Help make it happen!

Thank You                   
The Entertainment Cairns Team