Geoff Tozer

R&B/Jazz/Country Rock , Rhythm & Blues, Folk, Classical, Choral

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Main Instruments: Bass guitar, Hammond B3 organ + 32 note bass pedalboard , Hammond C1 organ + 32 note bass pedalboard, , Pipe Organ with full 32 note Pedal Board, Grand Austrian Harpsichord ( including two manual+ bass pedal harpsichord.), various Synthesizers.

Geoff Tozer
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Set list
Too many too mention but especially "Jumping Jack Flash" and "Honky Tonk Women" on bass.

"Green Onions" on Hammond B3
Winifred Atwell (Pianist), Bruce Prince-Joseph (Harpsichordist for New York Philharmonic Orchestra), Ray Charles, Bobby Dukoff (sax), 1950's onwards R&B, Mowtown, Disco Funk (Parliament, KC & The Sunshine Band, Ohio Players, Parliament), Shadows, Elvis, Beatles, Rolling Stones.

Bill Wyman (ex Bass Player Rolling Stones - walking Willie Dixon bass style.

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones) - multi instrumentalist.

Jimmy Smith - Hammond Organist

Booker T Jones - Hammond B3 - "Green Onions"
Gig Highlights
Rock Concerts I attenended - Beatles (Sydney 1964. Rolling Stones and Roy Orbison (Sydney 1965. Stones concerts 2006 onwards the last one being in San Diego May 2015. Top Shelf (Mowtown) Cairns four years ago.

As a performer; TAA party playing organ with a spontaneous appearance/performance of -William Shakespere (ex Albert Music.)

Playing Bass with Johno's Blues Band and winning Gong Show twice.

Playing Bass with Phil Emmanuel and Johno;s Blue Band numberous times and also on the last night at Johnos in 2007.

Being invited to catch up with Bill Wyman backstage in the UK in 2006 after a "Rythm Kings" concert.

Being invited to play a pipeless pipe organ powered by an Apple Mac in at Markham in Toronto, Canada in 2009.

Being invited by Hammond to play Booker T Jones new Hammond B3 in Sherman Oaks Calif, in 2013.

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