Gong Goddess - Lisa Smith - Ishtar Soul Healing

Healing Music Instrumentalist

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What is a Gong Bath you may well ask...
A sound massage without any water or the need to remove your clothing.
You lay comfortably on a matt and listen to and absorb the beautiful music created by a range of instruments Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing Bowls,Native American Flutes & more.

What are some of the benefits....
Promotes a state of deep relaxation, it will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Helps to stop the constant "chatter" of our minds. Very good for relieving stress,anxiety,tension,aches & pains

View a Gong Bath at:

To experience a sample of the Ancient Gongs please go to www.ishtarsoulhealing.com and click on the "Gong Goddess CD" tab

Lisa plays a range of healing instruments including Paiste Gongs, Native American Drum and Flutes, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Rainsticks and many more sacred sounds from around the world.

"Gong Goddess" CD is now available, please contact me if you wish to secure your own personal copy.

A soothing, healing and peaceful experience for all
Try something different - be open to change....

Also available for Weddings, Functions, Ceremonies and one on one Sound Treatments. Please visit www.ishtarsoulhealing.com for further details

Gong Goddess - Lisa Smith - Ishtar Soul Healing
For booking or enquiries please contact Gong Goddess - Lisa Smith - Ishtar Soul Healing
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Don Conreaux (Father of the Gongs), Matt (Farmer) Shooting Star, Deva Premal, Ray Budd, Shamanic Music, Native American Music
Gig Highlights
Being a part of a 12 Hour Puja in Auckland New Zealand in March 2010 with Don Conreaux (Father of the Gongs) and his World Renowned Gongmasters Tomek and Aiden
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