Australian Music PR Company located in Brisbane.

Sometimes we get hooked on a song that represents every thread in our lives coming together in one. We play it on repeat for days and days and days, anticipating that feeling we get at a certain composition point where for one moment everything makes sense.

It’s a moment no artist can purposefully create or recreate: sometimes it’s a stabbing shard of exultation and our feet tingle; a wave; a scent; a lost summer; an all encompassing moment, a discernible physical energy where our eyes lose all focus as our brain tries to catch up.

We want to spread our arms in that moment, in our lounge rooms, or within the sweaty thump of a band room where life is being lived in the moment, and everything else is gone. The whole room pulsing as the music kicks in, cutting through the murk of the week, bringing an inexplicable sense of achievement; a tangible feeling of connection.

We want to do absolutely everything to share that singular moment of elation and security with the world. We want to make a difference. We want to take music — that living breathing creation, that entity that an artist created from nothing but thin air and emotion — and play it into a space, softly, loudly, where others can be enveloped, encouraged and ecstatic. Where others can feel music how we feel it.

Jess McMahon
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