Ino Reeves

Originals/Covers/Acoustic Solo

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From Cairns via Papua New Guinea Ino Reeves is a self-taught musician who grew up listening to reggae and roots tunes which he has now incorporated into his own modern style.
From strong Papuan heritage his music is a long way from traditional PNG songs yet they still retain the warmth of the tropics.

Part of his signature sound is embedded in the lead guitar melodies with catchy hooks, alluring swells and hints of island reggae fusion. Blend this with deep emotional lyric connections and your left with a melodic, chilled out, easy listening sound.

Ino Reeves
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Gig Highlights
Ino Reeves performed the title single "The Alchemist" off his upcoming debut album for Balcony TV after his performance at the Palm Cove Reef Feast.

He was honoured to support international and local artists in the Far North region such as Maxi Priest, The Backsliders and Cairns outfit The Taste.

Ino Reeves will be performing at the Townsville Cultural Festival on the 18th and 19th August.

Keep an ear out for Ino Reeves exciting debut album launch.
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