• Earthwatch is an international environmental not-for-profit organisation that has over 40 years of experience in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.
• Founded in Massachusetts, USA in 1971.
• Currently manages 120 research projects in 40 countries and has offices in UK, USA, Japan, China, Kenya, Belize, India and Costa Rica.
• Earthwatch Australia was established in 1982, with its head office in Melbourne.
Climate change and habitat degradation are taking a toll on our shared planet. The work of understanding, managing, and conserving the Earth requires on-the-spot research, community outreach, and untold hours of real and meaningful action. That’s why Earthwatch Expeditions were created.
• Expeditions range from ages 10 right up until 90. We rate our expeditions on fitness, so some are easy while others are more strenuous
• Typical participant is aged 35 and female. But we are starting to see an increase in males also joining.
• Earthwatch volunteers are not “Eco tourists”: they carry, measure, track, sweat, record, camp, hike, paddle, observe, snorkel, climb, identify, photograph, weigh, sample, smell, touch, listen, build, learn, teach, and tag. And, at the end of the day, their work makes a difference
• Ecosystems: Maintaining and enhancing multifunctional landscapes that provide services and support biodiversity
• Climate Change: providing robust evidence on the scale, speed of progression and impacts of climate change while investigating options for mitigating climate change impacts
• Archaeology: investigating human relationships with the environment in the search for better ways to conserve , manage and restore ecological systems
• Oceans: focuses on highly threatened coastal habitats and generating the knowledge needed to better manage coastal ecosystems

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