Green Shoots - Gig Keeper Campaign 21

Australia experienced it's worst bushfires in 2019 and not long after that.... there was CoVid which clear felled the live performance sector across Australia. Cairns was no different but fortunate to have a platform dedicated to live performance and right in front of our eyes, we are seeing a rebound and hearing some conversations are about recovery.

 I'm using the green shoots metaphor for our sector. Green shoots are sparse, precious and in need of nurturing for the sake of live performance and the industry and people it employs and supports. Some artists have told EC they believe that our platform which is dedicated to Live Performance is even more valuable now than it was before CoVid. 

EC invites all performance/live music venues and artists and list your events on our platform! Let's make life music & performance GREAT again!

Green Shoots- Gig Keeper Campaign includes:

* Discount pricing starting in April with artists 20% discount on pricing, Platinum Venues 25% discount and Standard venues keeping the 40% discount already in place.

* A highly energetic EC social media manager inviting artists, venues and promoters to co-host their Facebook events with our growing EC Facebook page. Jesse is switched on and has embraced our Gig Keeper philosophy & she is reaching out directly to our artists & venues.

* EC soon to be introduced payment system will allow for automation and recurring credit or debit card payments.  The system needs to work smoothly before releasing Entertainment Lane - the national project. Version 1.

* Sometime in 2021 will take over and EC will be migrated to the new platform and then... the green shoots campaign will spread out from there.  We hope readers visiting this page will help embrace and celebrate V1 EL/Cairns.

* EC thanks all followers & users and particularly: the artists, the venues and promoters who are keeping the Live Performance sector happening and listing in EC. 

Keep the Candle Burning :

was our message back in late March 2020. Here are the messages we posted then- for posterity's sake.

COVID-19 Impacts & news: 

Support live music -performance at a critical & devastating time for the sector and its people!

Latest Updated info from the Federal Government click here

Update 28th March  Stay safe! 

** EC has HIDDEN all events till mid September. If you've listed any events that are hidden and you want to un-hide them, please log in and follow prompts. There are live streaming events happening. EC hopes to publish some of these events soon. New listings likely to be live streaming!

Earlier Government release regarding the Creative sector & CoVid-19. 

Update 25th March  Stay safe! 

** EC has HIDDEN all events till mid September. If you've listed any events that are hidden and you want to un-hide them, please log in and follow prompts. There are live streaming events happening. EC hopes to publish some of these events soon.


March 24th Update   A social distance recorded event for you to enjoy!

Update 23rd March Closures of all non-essential services now in place!

It's getting so drastic that we have to resort to humour or good news stories to cope! A Facebook group called : The Kindness Pandemic is active and thriving with stories of people helping people in all sorts of charming ways. Check it out if you'd like a lift.

Update 22th March : A message for Artists, Venue Managers and Promoters

It is EC’s 11th year of providing a web-platform to help nurture a strong Live Performance community in our region. It is looking like being the very hardest year of all, with CoVid-19 restrictions affecting mass event cancellations, have a major impact on entertainment, arts plus tourism and hospitality. It’s massive, many job losses expected and we don’t know how it will play out.
We’ve taken stock and here is where we are at the moment
Entertainment Cairns, in the interests of community safety and consideration to our live performance community, has decided to take the following steps:

1. In coming days, all events up to mid Sept 2020 will been hidden from view.
** to UNHIDE  -log in as the event organiser (artist, venue or promoter) you will be able to see your hidden events and then tick a box to make the event visible again. We ask that you check latest CoVid-19 updates on what size groups are allowed in public, and only make the events visible if you can confirm the event will comply. We trust you understand our need to have accuracy and safety issues addressed as best we can. If you respond promptly and only keep about one month ahead for unhidden events, then the viewers & supporters can have confidence in the listings on EC.

2. During this unprecedented time, EC will provide all existing paid subscribers with 6 months free access on existing packages. All existing and outstanding invoices will be void and renegotiated when required. All free users will be able to upgrade to Gold Artist or Regular Venue.

3. Regular updates relevant to EC and the Live Performance will be provided via
Keep the Candle Burning campaign page on EC. Federal & State support packages are being rolled out and we intend to liaise and support the efforts of Live Music Office in our local campaign.

We thank you all for your incredible support over many years and hope for a speedy recovery.

** Your feedback is welcome! Thank you.

Here’s to the gigs to come!


for the EC Team or call 0423 048 475.

Update 21th March 

Social distancing - new regulations in place. And it means at present small venues can stay open. Elixir Bar for example intends to trade and present music! 2X2 metre space person required.

Live Music Office- a vital important organisation for live music in Australia have called for urgent action. If you support live music, visit their news page here

Update 20th March 

To keep events updated and accurate given whole scale cancellations have and are occurring there will be fairly large change to EC's events listings. Only events that have been updated recently & confirmed as accurate by the presenter of the events. If you have events that you have listed on EC in coming days they will disappear and you will have to log in, tick a box, and unhide the event. It's an effort we ask from our community to help ensure confidence in the validity and safety of upcoming events listed on EC. Thank you.

** Exciting news for performers! Musicians are shifting to "social distancing" events! We are hoping to make an exciting announcement about a local initiative that we at Entertainment Cairns are aiming to sponsor. Watch this space. We also like to share a live stream event by one of Cairns own happening tomorrow at 3pm : Studio Live- Roz Pappalardo  facebook link 

We wish you the BEST, Roz and band and look forward to what our musicians and entertainers can develop and be supported/funded to continue live performance and keep the candle burning.

Update 19th March 

Brothers cancels all events indefinitely. Cazalys similar. Reef Hotel Casino too.

EC is concerned that many cancelled events may still show on our platform. We will be taking steps to ensure all listed events are accurate and comply with COVID-19 health advice & restrictions.We apologise for the changes that are necessary at this unprecedented time. Thank you.

14th March 2020

Entertainment Cairns recognises the immense challenge and impact of COVID-19 on the live performance sector and we're asking our community to help in as many ways as you can and follow the guidance to minimise risk and find ways to help keep the candle burning. 

The region needs the entertainment sector to bounce back when it recovers and all who care have a place to assist.There will be many, many cancellations affecting a huge industry in the FNQ region. Ray & Damian (from EC) have agreed to taking several steps to continue to support the live performance sector.We anticipate cancellations of festivals and many events, and most recent cancellations are at the Tanks Arts Centre, CPAC until 31st May 2020

Visit for their updates. 

Full-time musicians could be hit hard. Any musicians and others interested in the how the music industry is going across the country and what responses are taking place to support the sector, I recommend John Wardle( Live Music Office) Facebook

Entertainment Cairns will provide a donation towards all live performance artists, promoters and venues on the platform by extending all subscriptions by 2 free months.Any NEW subscriptions will also get 2 FREE months extra. We ask all event listings by subscribers to be kept updated especially if there are cancellations, to keep the platform as accurate as possible and give users confidence in attending live performance events still available.

The events industry also employs many people for hospitality sector so minimising the impact and maximising confidence & good information will be vital for Cairns to get back on its feet.

Best Wishes

The Entertainment Cairns Team