Kevin Hazell

Country/Acoustic/Folk Solo

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The natural beauty of a stripped acoustic guitar and vocal performance is something that often gets lost amongst a full band, with the focal point becoming blurred, the sonic responsibility shared. By stripping things back to bare, and ultimately purest form, Kevin Hazell harnesses the essence of individual expression.\r\n\r\nCombining passionate, memorable lyrics with a musical depth, that transcends conventional expectations, Kevin Hazell understands that music and creativity cannot be bound by physical limitations.\r\n\r\nWith full control over his musical output, singer/songwriter Kevin Hazell creates and composes all musical arrangements. Like painters use colours, brushes, and textures on canvas for depth and expression of emotion, Kevin Hazell utilises a similar approach, allowing the mood, feeling and sensitivity of his composition, to take the listener on an emotional journey.

Kevin Hazell
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