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Knock Knock Contemporary Artists' Initiative is a cooperative venture formed in 2010 in a commitment to enhancing Cairns vibrant arts community. Knock Knock aims to invigorate the contemporary arts scene through an on-going exhibition programme run by artists for artists.

Knock Knock is a dynamic group of artists who came together in their pursuit of further training and professional development within their own art practices. The name Knock Knock eventuated as a catchy phrase for access and open doors for up-coming and established local artists.

Knock Knock has a strong focus on growing grassroots exhibition opportunities in the Cairns region; access to professional development and training for visual artists; developing creative partnerships within the broader community and generally supporting innovation in contemporary visual arts. The group's vision is to contribute to building Cairns' identity as an arts destination.

For booking or enquiries please contact KNOCK KNOCK ARTS
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