Kyrene Mei Paine

Classical/Australiana/Country Instrumentalist

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Kyrene is a violinist and Digital Artist who has completed a Bachelor of Creative Industries at James Cook University, Cairns. She studied a major in Visual Arts and a minor in Media Design and is primarily interested in the Digital Arts but also performs regularly on her violin.

Regarding violin performances, she recently played at the 2015 Tropical Mardi Gras Fashion Show and the Tropical Mardi Gras Art Exhibition Opening. She has also performed at the TEDx Event at JCU, Cairns along with the Designed in Cairns Exhibition.

Some of the art exhibitions she has been an artist in, include the '36, 24, 36' Student Art Show on female beauty, the Toast Master's Art and Craft Exhibiton, and the 2013 and 2014 JCU LUX Gallery Exhibition.

Kyrene Mei Paine
In terms of violinists, I am influenced by a world class violinist, Nicola Bendetti. I am also influenced by my mother, Kirtley Leigh, who is another violinist.

Gig Highlights
Performing at the Tropical Mardi Gras Art Exhibition.
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