leanne peard

My Mission is to empower and inpsire all.. to Achieve their dreams...
Leanne is co-director of Absolute Wisdom and a number of other successful businesses. Leanne's wealth of knowledge started when she purchased her first investment property at 18 years old, now self employed, her passion for Real Estate is still current, enjoying years of Finance, Accounting and the Real Estate industry, Leanne is also a Master of Reiki, and has found enjoyment from helping those with needs and other areas.
Leanne's passion for helping others has lead to a her ultimate career as a Life Coach. Leanne enjoys helping small business owners set their goals and achieve financial success and also enjoys working at the Teenage Workshops; as she believes that there is a great benefit in teaching our young adults to set goals and having a head start in life. There have been a number of Ah ha moments in Leannes life, she realised that her passion to help people came from dealing with her clients, not only giving them the best information at hand, but coaching them to make sure that they were making the right decisions for their particular circumstances.

leanne peard
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