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Hello and Welcome I am Leanne Peard – Social Media Specialist
Author – Speaker – Coach and Trainer

I first started with Social Media in 2005, long before many marketers were using the platforms and as a #socialmediarookie , I learned all there was to learn; I had my own Real Estate Business and my thoughts were if I can drive local traffic to my new business then that would be great, in under 10mths we had bought in $500,000 in sales. Now I know that this wasn’t directly from Social Media, What I do know is that Social Media assisted us immensely in creating a brand awareness. Our Clients were saying

“Oh you are that National Franchise that just came to town” ” We have seen you everywhere”

And this was correct, They had seen us everywhere, they saw us in You Tube, on Twitter, Facebook and in the blogs… But We were not a National Franchise. I have continued to use social media to gain online presence and generate leads and sales, for myself and my clients. My previous businesses and roles have included Accounting – Mortgage Brokerage – Real Estate Agency – Hardware (Retail) – Life/Business Coach. Just to name a few, my life has been in the field of Self Employed, my first business was in the 1980’s I purchased a motorbike scooter hire business and today I am still self employed. What I see changing is not the concepts of marketing, but the how people are sharing their stories, and this is all done on smart phones and tablets. My Daughter recently said “Mum I don’t Google, I go straight to the app store!” My passion is to assist as many business owners as possible to tap into the Social Media World, and use it to generate leads and sales, so that you can spend more time with your families… Maybe you would like to generate a passive income from the expertise that you already have…Now that’s food for thought, and will be coming up in one of my next training. So Business owners and those wishing to take on a career in Social Media Specialist, Please help make me redundant by learning the skills on “How to become a Social Media Specialist”, there are many studies that now indicate that in Australia and in the UK, we are definitely under skilled in the area IT and Digital communication, What they are currently teaching in the Universities is not current and fresh. Anyone today can create their own website in under 20 mins that looks professional. (like this one).

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Leanne Peard – Director Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist Certified
Diploma of Business
TAE10 Trainer and Assessment Certificate IV
Finance & Mortgage Brokerage Certificate IV
LLN Certificate in Literacy, Language & Numeracy
Sustainability Certificate TAE10 Diploma
Life Coaching Profession Certificate ANZI & Beyond Success
Business Coaching Certificate – Beyond Business Success
Master Certificate – Anthony Robbins Master University

Other Skills

Competent Communicator Bronze Toastmasters International
Competent Leader Silver Toastmasters International
TAE10 Trainer and Assessment Certificate IV
Author – Angels in Hell
Mother of Two Gorgeous Adult Children
Public Speaker
Fire Walker on the Gold Coast August 2010
Leap off 50ft pole in Fiji at Namale
Oneness Blessing Giver
Reiki Master


BNI President 2010
BNI Educator 2012
Toastmaster President 2011
Toastmasters Secretary 2009 to 2010
Forum For Business Growth Social Media Manager

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Leanne Peard
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