Midnight Express

Acoustic/Blues/Folk Duo

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With a duo like Dave Bromley & Paul Longley - who needs a whole band! These guys have a huge amount of energy on stage with Paul Longley performing on a variety of instruments including keyboards, harmonica,violin, didge, trumpet and the Nth East Thai 'khaen'-just to name a few!Dave is on guitar complimenting with powerful vocals and the ability to write awesome originals covering various genres, with a stack of well known plus a few obscure covers thrown into the mix.

Midnight Express
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Paul Kelly, Tim Buckley, Neil Murray, Sublime, Dave Hole
Gig Highlights
Touring the mine sites such as Groote Is & Century with their 'Australia Tour' featuring songs by artists such as Paul Kelly & Goanna and including their own classic aussie originals such as 'I Love Beer'.
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