Natalia Mann

Acoustic/Originals/Art Exhibition Instrumentalist

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Natalia Mann is an harpist and resonance artist. Her work is contemporary and environmental, always questioning: “If all the world is vibration... “.

As a resonance artist she explores the languages of art and nature. This has led her to interpret paintings and sculptures, landscapes and skies on her harp. Art music performances have been described as surprising, restorative and uplifting. She has performed resonance music at Kickarts Gallery, Centre of Contemporary Arts and UMI Arts, and Australian Galleries in Sydney.

The relaxing sound of the harp naturally extends to healing and therapeutic music. Natalia plays restorative harp meditations for health centres. Working with various yoga teachers around Cairns, the Harp and Yoga Meditations are an amplified wellbeing experience

Natalia creates film and installation as an extension of her musical practice. Sharing the creative mind, she transfers her synaesthetic experience of music into something tangible; layering images like sounds into rhythm and flow. Her work has been exhibited in Melbourne, New Zealand, Turkey and Barbados.

Natalia has toured internationally as a leader performing her original music. Her albums 2011, Utterance 2017 can be found on iTunes or on

She is equally at home with symphony orchestras, world, pop and experimental music stages. She has been commissioned to create and perform new music in collaboration with leading choreographers, artists and community groups. She is an educator and mentor.

Natalia Mann
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Each performance is uniquely tailored to the event and the space.
Natalia provides a bespoke experience where the music is created in ambience with the architecture, the intention, the guests, the mood. No two shows are exactly the same.
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