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Hey if you're reading this, thanks. I am Oakshott, I like to write songs and play and record these songs. I like to express my emotions through my songs and tell stories and make myself laugh and cry. I sometimes get gigs around the traps whereupon I go out and perform my songs to the public. Sometimes I have a band featuring drums and bass and guitars and backup singers. Most of the time I play solo.
If you are reading this it probably means I have a gig somewhere soon It should be listed on this website.. So find out where it is and come and see me please.

For booking or enquiries please contact Oakshott
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Set list
I got lots of songs about beaches and crows, bustops and cars and dreams and peaches and atms It's a mixed bag I don't have a set set list
Syd Barrett Tom waits Steve Baker Bob Marley 12 Bar Blue The specials and lots of cool people
Gig Highlights
Playing at Mofos in Cairns and the Arthouse in Melbourne
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