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Overnight Gong Bath - Chinese New Year 2021- Metal Ox

Venue: FNQ Oriental Healing Centre

Artist: Sound Angel- Renee Cashman

6:00pm Friday 12th February 2021

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Overnight Gong Bath - Chinese New Year  2021- Metal Ox

Welcome in the Chinese New Year 2021 - the Metal Ox with the powerful healing sounds of the Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls!
About this Event
We are both Oxen and feel this is a special year for us. You are welcome to join us for a sacred night of Sound Meditation, Vibrational Healing, Ceremony and Connection with 5 Gongs and 33 Tibetan Singing Bowls.

An overnight Gong Bath is such a powerful tool for healing and transformation. The sacred sound will release stress and tension, it will clear blocks, it will repair and restore harmony. The sound of the gongs and Tibetan singing bowls induces a deep state of relaxation, inner stillness and deep healing can occur – we meditate, or sleep, possibly a sleep like no other.

We begin in the evening by sharing in a delicious healthy dinner provided by us.

The Gong Bath starts at 8pm and we’ll be playing in 45-minute segments, with a 15-minute break from 8pm until 2am. It is believed that 45 minutes is the time taken to complete a full sound journey. This is based on Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto’s research into planetary frequencies which are those used in the planetary gongs today.

We'll be playing the Paiste Moon Gong, Paiste Sound Creation Earth Gong, the big Atlantis Gong, Nepalese Gong, and Chinese Wind Gong as well as from our selection of 33 Tibetan Singing Bowls.

You are free to contemplate in the Medicine Wheel and enjoy the fairylit Stone Labyrinth at anytime.

Breakfast will be served from 6.30am with a 7.30am Qigong class and final closing.

The vibration from the gongs will probably remain with you for a period afterwards. This “can” be several weeks.

Overnight Gong Bath is brought to by FNQ Oriental Healing Centre – Renee Cashman-McAlpine and Robert McAlpine.

Time Table: Friday 12th FEB Evening:

5.30pm Arrive and set up your bed;

6.30pm Dinner

7.30am Ceremony

8pm Gongs start until 2am

Saturday 13th FEB Morning:

6.30am Breakfast

7.30am Qigong and Closing Ceremony

9am Return home safely.

Take care if you are driving.

Information for participants:

Wear comfortable clothes appropriate for sacred ceremony.

You can bring ear plugs if you are sensitive to noises in the room, specifically snoring as this is likely to occur. The ear plugs will not prevent you receiving the benefits of the sound bath

Water bottle

Bring your own snacks and this is an alcohol free event.

During the Sound Bath silence is observed as best as possible.

If you have any medical conditions requiring special sleeping arrangements such as breathing apparatus or medication, then this should be brought with you. Discuss this with the event organiser in order that we are able to accommodate your needs.

PRICE: $100

Bookings message us.

Address: 62 Adler Hill Rd, Mareeba .

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Overnight Gong Bath - Chinese New Year  2021- Metal Ox
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Sound Angel- Renee Cashman
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