Platinum & Gold Artist Packages

Platinum & Gold Artist Packages give you a competitive edge by providing a comprehensive set of tools and features designed to increase exposure to thousands of potential customers each year.


Check out all the additional features of the Platinum & Gold Artist Packages


Features Starter Package Gold Package Platinum Package
Inclusion in newsletter “Artist of the Week”
Rotating Artist feature on the home page
Priority Artist listing displayed
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SoundCloud MP3 player on your profile page showcasing your tracks   Tick Tick
3 embedded video clips to promote yourself
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4 additional photos   Tick Tick
Electronic press Kit download
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Capacity to sell CDs or digital tracks – from your paypal, aggregator or digital online site.
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1 main photo
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  $99 AUD  

Introductory offer

$55 AUD

per year
(inc GST)

$154 AUD

per year
(inc GST)

Limited Places Available!


Why become a Platinum or Gold Artist?

In addition to all the regular features, Platinum and Gold Artists receive the following advantages:


Are you serious about promoting yourself or your act? Become a Platinum Artist:

In addition to all the great benefits that Gold Artists receive, our Platinum Artists receive the following additional promotional benefits:



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