Arts Nexus

Arts Nexus, is a non-government, “for-purpose” community based organisation. Our program of events, training and networking is designed to revitalise and equip the Far North Queensland (FNQ) arts, cultural and creative industries sector.

This ensures our industry is a significant partner in the cultural, social and economic development of the region, Queensland and Australia.

Arts Nexus is a catalytic leader that drives policy and strategic planning to contribute to the regional planning and provide innovative solutions that incorporate cultural context.

With a valued twenty year legacy in the region, Arts Nexus has the industry knowledge, the relationships, memberships, respect, integrity and capacity, to lead the strategic development as a service provider, key facilitator, incubator, promoter, communicator and co-ordinator, of the disparate, the established, the disparate and evolving creative endeavours and enterprises that are dispersed across the vast area of FNQ.

Avril Duck
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