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Aikido with Ki is an extension of Ki development where you are being tested in the form of a unified attack by another person, with or without a weapon by one or many attackers.

Unlike some Martial Arts, Aikido requires no particular advantage in size, strength or speed in order to perform well. The attacker approaches with the intent to grab, choke, strike, or grapple; but instead finds that he has been suddenly thrown to the ground, or reduced to immobility by a joint lock. If the attack was made with a weapon, the weapon will be taken away.

It is the concern for the opponent that makes Aikido radically different from other martial arts. Two ancient concepts of budo are (ai nuke) “mutual perseveration”, and (katsu jin ken) “the saving of your enemy’s life”. Both imply choice, action, and responsibility. This is a difficult way, an internal spiritual discipline that offers neither the thrill of justified vengeance and murder nor the congratulatory self-righteousness of passivism. Training in Aikido with Ki will enhance your ability to remain calm in any situation in your daily life, assisting you to bring forth the material store in your subconscious mind, which is required to help you through that situation.

Cameron Graco
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