Raw Violet

Acoustic/Soul/ Alternative Solo

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Soulful, insightful vocals, acoustic riffs and jazzy melodies tossed into the cooking pot and set to simmer... So mused one scribe, and he hit the nail on the head, Lara cranks out haunting, souped-up huskiness.

Lara's earlier projects include dabbling in laid-back acoustic tunes, folk harmonies, soul, jazz, blues bands and even some hip hop hooks, were invaluable to her writing and performing experience. Not pretentious or proud; a "through her not from her acoustic experience".

Since re-visiting the Cairns scene recently after a year-long break from musical enterprises to focus on her day-job career, Lara has officially re-opened her audio horizons and is once again available for acoustic solo gigs . We all agree - mmm . . . delicious!

Raw Violet
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Set list
Cover and originals mixup
Katie Noonan, Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Gnarls Barkley, Nina Simone, Billie Holliday, Sia, Clare Bowditch, Sophie Koh, Lamb, Kosheen, Morcheeba.
Gig Highlights
Lara - solo vocalist/guitarist
Open mic host, Greent Ant Cantina
Various solo gigs for private functions
Various collaboration projects for one-off gigs with other local artists

Raw Violet and Mitchell Callendar (collaboration project, 2010)
Electro duo New Years Eve Cairns City Centre gig
Battle of the Bands 2010 â?? Courthouse Hotel
The Soul Objective - 4 piece funk/soul band
Vocalist and guitarist, Cairns Bluesfest 2010
Vocalist and guitarist, Cairns Esplanade gigs

Antique Litter - 4 piece acoustic soul band
Vocalist and guitarist, Winter Solstice Festival 2008 (one-off project)
Solaris - acoustic soul duo
Vocalist and guitarist, Winter Solstice Festival 2009,

Featured Artist with Definite Article (hip hop artist)
Soul vocals for hip hop artist Definite Article â?? support gigs for Resin Dogs and Pegz, Soho Bar, 2008
Featured Artist with Children in the Game
Support gig for The Grates Brothers Leagues Club 2007
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