Ronda Sharpe

Installation Visual Artist

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I am an environmental artist who appreciates, respects and cares for nature and my inspiration is to shift ecological awareness in a positive direction through my art and creativity.

During my discovery and experimentation of who I am as an artist I have found that my work is constantly being directed to environment and the sustainability issues that are affecting us now and in the future.

Environmental art fascinates me and I feel that sustainability is an increasing issue that will affect the current population and future generations. I have a strong passion to communicate my concerns of the ever-increasing need for fossil fuel power, consumerism and development growth that focus purely on profit with disregard on the environmental impact the monetary gain causes.

I use sourced reusable everyday mediums that are considered trash with the aim of relaying an environmental message. I enjoy the challenge of working with these materials as they bring out my creative side and relay the environmental messages of concerns.

Ronda Sharpe
The Spirit of Nature Mosaic glass on mirror 2015 1200mm x 350mm
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Fiona Hall is an Environmental Contemporary Artists who inspires due to how she artistically transforms ordinary everyday objects to address a range of contemporary issues such as globalisation, consumerism, colonialism and natural history.

John Dahlsen is another Environmental artist whose creativity and imagination has turned recycled rubbished into beautiful works of art.

John Wolseley interpretation of nature through his art also motivates me.

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