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Sarah Speller
Radio personality | Voice over artist | Actress | Improvisation specialist

Highly experienced in radio, television, film and stage productions, Sarah Speller is an outgoing, engaging professional with the ability to easily relate to people from all backgrounds and circumstances.
Sarah is currently the presenter of “Saturday Morning” for 4KZ Radio and “Sunday Morning” for 4CA Radio. Previously, Sarah has presented or co-presented two other radio shows; ‘The Art’s Hour’ (with Fiona Sewell on ABC Far North Radio) and ‘Saturday with Sarah’ and ‘RPH News Hour’ (Cairns FM 89.1 Community Radio). Sarah’s radio and acting experience has led her to develop exceptional interviewing, research and analytical skills, enabling her to be able to interview professionals from across the art world and ask pertinent and delving questions. For guests, this can be surprising and refreshing, whilst for listeners, it affords the opportunity to gain knowledge and insights which may otherwise be missed.
Much of Sarah’s career has been in the arts. An award-winning makeup artist for 16 years, Sarah worked on a number of acclaimed films and television shows including Thin Red Line, Paradise Road,
Ocean Girl, Emmerdale, Rescue 911 and 60 Minutes. A gifted actor, Sarah has lent her talents to a significant number of cabaret, theatre, film and television productions. Sarah is also an adaptable voice over actor whose range of accents and characterisations bring stories to life.
As an actor, Sarah is able to think on her feet and respond to situations with adaptability and focus, whilst rolling with the situation to see where it leads. These skills have greatly assisted Sarah in her radio career; especially during the conduct of interviews which can often go in unconsidered directions. By actively listening and engaging with the interviewee, Sarah is able to guide conversations to unknown ends rather than being hampered by a rigid adherence to predetermined questions and perspectives.
Excited by the prospects of radio as a medium, Sarah is keen to develop new shows and share her skills within a dynamic organisation.

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