Shall Prevail

Hardcore/Metal Band

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We are 5 lads from Atherton who enjoy playing some heavy tunes, and phat breakdowns. We formed at the end of 2009 and now have recorded our debut EP "Bury The Memories". Dont let the silly song titles fool you, we take what we do very seriously, but at the same time enjoy every minute of it. Our main goal as a band is to create more open mindedness and acceptance towards the metal and hardcore genre.

Shall Prevail
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Set list
Our set list includes;

Arabic Hardcore
Nautical Nonsense
The Tundra
Bury the Memories
Can You Do the Crabman

Boneyards (Parkway Drive)
Carrion (Parkway Drive)
Your Shirt Would Look Better with a Colombian Neck Tie (I Killed the Prom Queen)
94 Hours (As I Lay Dying)
I Hate Hartley (The Amity Affliction)
Gig Highlights
Supporting The Amity Affliction, TimeOut Battle of the Bands 2010.
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