Sophia Scarlett

Burlesque/Dance/Cabaret Performance Art

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With a passion for physical theater, all things aerial and a life long background in dance, Sophia is constantly inspired by her great love of performance art. She can be seen performing to high acclaim with pole, fan dance and burlesque pieces, tantalizing crowds with her sensual and theatrical style. You may have seen some of her alluring works in the On Edge Cabaret, Wendy & Her 11 Toes, Fools, Freaks & Femme Fatales and the LUSH Cabarets just to name a few...
Sophia also owns and runs Far North QLDs premiere Pole Dance and Burlesque School Pole Play Studios

Sophia Scarlett
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Set list
Pole Pieces
Red - Based on the story of little red riding hood
Happiness - Spinning pole piece which ends with a magical snow storm
Scream - Horror themed pole dance of death
Pink Peach - Sexy set
Can improvise to anything!
Fan Dances
Intentions are Good - Classic fan dance with huge white ostrich feather fans
Kissed - Classic old styled burlesque
The Knife - Sexy modern fan dance
The Vagazzled Twins - Comedy Burlesque Duet
Dance Ninja - Chinese paper fan dances
Pole and Fan combos
The Blue Angel of Tuff Love - theatrical and atmospheric, fan then pole dance
Tiger Lilly - Blue fans with pole dance
Assise - 1 song with white feather fans into 1 song pole dance
Burlesque Magic Duet - Pussy Magic
Fangin - Vampire Hula Queen Duet
Grinder Grrl & Balloon Boy - Sideshow set which includes live angle grinding and the revealing of a man dressed in balloons (and little else!)
Birthday Sets - Titillating fan and/or pole dances which can be set to any music theme you have going. Gentle tease and treat for birthday person which can be tailored to suit the event.
Pieces can be created, adapted and tailored to suit any event
Dita Von Teese, Mae West, Cirsque de Soleil, Empress Stah, Nasty Canasta, Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, The Austalian Dance Theatre, Sydney Dance Company, Bangarra, Imogen Kelly, Mark Winmill, Zoe Jakes, Rachael Bryce, Life!...
Gig Highlights
Unleashing the Dub Ninja for the Mad Professor in Brooklyn NYC 2011, riding a dirt bike over Sideshow legend Shep Huntly on the JUTE Theater stage, gracing the stage with the Queens of Crossbones back to back with Perry Farrell!
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