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Speakeasy presents Mickey Space

Venue: Elixir Tapas Bar

8:00pm Friday 25th May 2018

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Speakeasy presents Mickey Space

We are proud to announce joining us for our next Speakeasy we have the music maestro, DJ messiah, born by aliens to infuse funk, phunk and damned crazy antics on dance floors world wide... DJ Mickey Space

Supported by Speakeasy residents

Ashcats Soundsystem


* Custom steampunk decor install
* Steampunk / 1920s / retro dress-up encouraged
* Sound & lighting by Maximón Events


I give thanks to the aliens who made the DJ messiah of magic and named him ‘Mickey Space’

Blasting his way from steampunk hyperspace, Mickey Space is the finest purveyor of all that is funky and quirky. He dresses to impress and moves to groove, guaranteed to get your butt shaking and hips swinging!! The Oceanic Jack Sparrow, not one for complacency and with a penchant for taking risks, his shit’s controversial, but it don’t stink. His disregard for boundaries has catapulted his genre-diverse career into the stratosphere. Proper soul music with an electronic pulse, Mickey’s soundtracked the galaxy’s most discerning discos and doofs!

Currently co-creating the highly respected SteamPhunk soirees, he will transcend beyond your wildest expectations, traversing multiple scenes and genres: From the club to the festival circuit at Rainbow, Yemaya, Earthcore and many more luminaries of the Australian dance scene. 2017 saw him igniting dance floors at the Eclipse Festival in Oregon and Burning Man in the USA!

His mixing technique is a skilful and unique mash up of cross genre styles, ranging from Electro Swing to Tech-House, Glitch Hop, Ghetto Funk and more. He keeps the crowd pumping with enthusiasm through his passionate and charismatic performance on stage, literally raising the vibrations of any dance floor – his feet more off the ground than on! Famous for being the founding father of the Koh Tao party scene in Thailand, having lived there for 8 years and establishing some of the most creative party venues (Venus Park, etc.) alternative to the Full Moon Party vibe on the neighbouring island of Koh Phangan. This stint also launched his DJ career, playing not just the Koh Tao scene but in other major party centres around Thailand - Koh Samui, Phangan and Bangkok.

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Speakeasy presents Mickey Space
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Address: 92 Abbott Street,
Cairns, QLD, 4870
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