Suna Flynn

Classical/Choral/Cultural Instrumentalist

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"Suna Flynn"

Hong Kong born Classical pianist, composer,and music educator. Director of Sunny Ale Music Education

As most Chinese children, her interest to music is developed quite early. Born in a Hong Kong middle class family with strong influence of western culture, motivated her at age 5 asking her grandfather for piano lessons as her birthday present. She moved to Taiwan with her parents in 1997 for their work.

Under the influence of colourful mixture of Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Western entertainment industry. She passed Japanese Victor Exam board at age 16 as a Intermediate piano and music theory teacher. And also came second at Formosa Piano Competition.

At age 19, during her study in Fu-Jen Catholic university, Taiwan. She already perform regularly on TV, talent show and also teaching as a professional advisor for the student piano club and private education centres.

Suna Flynn
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After coming to Australia, she completed study of Cert III of children services to gain more knowledge about teaching young children in Australia. Now she is not only a member of Music Teacher Association of Queensland. She has performed with Paradise Music series in Atherton Music Festival, volunteer accompany for Junior Choral Society, attending all sorts of events such as Esteford, recitals and performance art workshops and actively support charity and community art development.🎶
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