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Sunday Morning Sundance | Outdoors @ Ecstatic Dance Cairns: 26 June Smithfield - DJ Spring Jaiah

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9:00am Sunday 26th June 2022

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Sunday Morning Sundance | Outdoors @ Ecstatic Dance Cairns: 26 June Smithfield - DJ Spring Jaiah

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Your time to rise & shine, fresh on a Sunday morning is here. Once a month we dance outdoors at the northern beaches, Smithfield.
All adult | Outdoors on the grass amongst nature | No shoes, no booze and no phones or words - just dance!

Tropical Australia's Official Ecstatic Dance Community, Ecstatic Dance Cairns is a rotation of experienced and emerging, local and nationally recognised ecstatic dance DJs & artists, providing a 2-hour dance journey through a multi-genre array of music for your dose of release & freestyle freedom!
Ecstatic Dance is the free-form dance practice that originated in Hawaii over 20 years ago and now within Australia, Cairns is one of the official home-places of this free-form movement + high vibe music space, which includes other official Ecstatic Dance homes in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Melbourne. Music played here is non-commercial and our ED'DJs play on a professional sound-system.

WE ARE AN ALL ADULT AGED SPACE, and all abilities are welcome. Please remember, you do not have to be a 'dancer' - to dance!
Held in a safe and welcoming environment.... come as you are, shake of your fortnight, be in your body and connect with community.

Together, we simply follow the 3 guidelines to have a good time, which are:
1. No words are used on the dance floor - we speak with the language of our bodies only here. Please do not talk anywhere on the main dance floor. This respects everyone in the space for their own dance journey.
2. No shoes - we dance barefoot or if you are needing more comfort, that is fine, however please designate your own ED specific/clean indoor shoes just for this space and event.
3. Move as you please ~ dance as you feel. There is no wrong or right way to Ecstatic Dance. This movement space for adults is your opportunity to explore the edges, get our of comfort zone and feel the freedom.
Benefits of Ecstatic Dance include:
~ a greater sense of pleasure and connectedness to life
~ a sense of belonging in community
~ ability to be in the body and not in the mind relieving anxiety, stress and worry, in daily life
~ presence, purpose and passion - alivening vigor on the dance floor and into our lives, for life!

- An adult only space
- 100% alcohol, drug & smoke-free space. We also arrive clear and sober, and free from any intoxicants.
- A phone free space (no photos, videos, pictures are allowed here. Phones away and off when arrive please)
- free of strong perfumes and scents including essential oils
- A non-judgemental space to be yourself, in respect to all others in the space and our environment.
- Non discrimination dance. No need proof vax status either. All together we dance.

We dance twice per month, in Cairns - at Edge Hill near Tanks indoors on a Saturday night, and Smithfield on a Sunday morning outdoors at the grass area at Skypark by AJ Hackett (during the dry season). This enables us to enjoy the benefits which community love - which are Saturday nights in a dim-lit space, and an alternative to 'pubs clubs and the rest'.... and Sunday mornings moving amongst the FNQ elements we love so much, outdoors, naturally.
Check out the upcoming dates/ and DJ info at or at the website direct
All event tickets are available for purchase well in advance to our dance time; and do sell out (especially in the Edge Hill space, as we have limited venue capacity of max 40).

Tickets ONLINE AND ADVANCE via or direct at Eventbrite
Regular- $35 (avail up until 24 hours before dance starts)
Late Comer- $40 (bookings made less then 24 hours before dance)
Group Ticket (for 3 people coming together)-$95
Tickets available online until doors open only; there are no door sales sorry.
Please note:
- There is no need to show your ticket as we will have your name on our door list app.
- Tickets are non refundable and won't be credited for future dances if for any reason you can no longer make or do not show up. Please ensure your able to attend, and that your booking is correct & final before checking out - thank you!
- Name changes are also not permitted on dance tickets.

Ecstatic Dance Cairns creative director, community visionary and leader of Ecstatic Dance ~ Ember has been a pioneer of ecstatic dance in FNQ and emerging ED'Australia, for the past 7 years since beginning facilitating & DJing intentional dance events in the region originally in 2016. With a deep devotion to serving the transformational practice of Ecstatic Dance, having lived & breathed it in pinnacle home-place Ubud, Bali ~ she also traveled the world immersed in it's music & movement culture throughout Asia, India and Europe, and across Australia, which brought her into her love of sound and DJing. With strong influence from the global ecstatic dance music scene largely USA based, as well as national recognition within Australia in the artform, she infuses wisdom of her own transformation through movement & somatic/embodied arts along with DJ technology, to serve a dance floor high vibrational global frequencies, a place for personal expression and collective liberation! Listen to her sets at

Doors open Edge Hill 6.30PM, please check in (we will already have your name on our door list app), and ground, begin stretching and claim your space and time. Ambient music will already be on. Arrive please no later then 6.45pm to begin warming up.... as we begin welcome and DJ set from 7pm. Closing at 9pm generally.
Arrival 9am and check-in, music will be on, begin stretching and we will begin opening welcome and DJ set officially at 9.15am, closing by 11am.

~ water bottle
~ towel/sarong or yoga matt if you wish to lye down at any point including resting at end
~ hat if dancing outdoors/sunscreen if need


See you on the dance floor!
★ Ecstatic Dance Cairns ★

Sunday Morning Sundance | Outdoors @ Ecstatic Dance Cairns: 26 June Smithfield - DJ Spring Jaiah


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