The Young Company, theatre for children, young people

TYC is an award* winning youth theatre company. Our mission at TYC is to spark the imagination and fuel a sense of discovery and adventure in children and young people across North Queensland. We do this through innovative theatre for, by and with children and young people, as well as a creative program of learning and education, in a welcoming and stimulating environment.

At TYC our theatre training is especially unique because we believe that the best place for young performers to learn their craft is on stage in front of an audience. We reinterpret classic and contemporary stories for our time and also commission brave and relevant new writing. We are as ambitious as the young people we serve.

We create exceptional theatre experiences that educate, engage, challenge and inspire children, young people and their communities. We inspire generations to explore the wonder of their world and transform the way children and young people engage in and experience live theatre.

TYC is a not-for-profit organisation and a regional beacon of professional quality theatre for, with and by children and young people. We engage our community and regional Queensland in the power of theatre to enrich and transform the lives of children and young people.

*In 2014 TYC was awarded the High Performance Award at the Cairns Regional Council's, TNQ20 Business Excellence & Tropical Innovation Awards.

Leigh Boswell
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