The North Project

Jazz/ Alternative/Progressive Band

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The North Project. A collaboration between not only some of the finest Musicians, but some of the more adventurous and yet sensitive sculptors of sound you will come to hear.
You are invited to experience music, born out of passion and molded by the love of a lifetime of dedication, for an art form that is truly astounding.

Our aim is to further develop the concepts of creative music, to promote the art of improvisation and share our experiences with other musicians and listening audiences, young and old.

We anticipate a positive outcome that will enhance our skills, as well as those of other musicians. We hope that audiences will continue to support creative music and thus ensure a future for musicians, especially for the up and coming younger players that dedicate their lives to perfecting the art form. Music not only gives pleasure, but has been proven to be therapeutic in more ways than one, for both the player and the listener.

Ruedi Homberger,
Saxophones, Clarinet & flute, Born in Switzerland, studied Music in Europe and at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney Australia. Appears on numerous Recordings including three of his CDs. Ruedi has performed with many great musicians in various countries. He brings to the music, heart and soul.

Tommy See Poy,
Well known keyboard man, Tommy See Poy, has been thrilling audiences in and around Cairns for over two decades. After spending several years in Sydney in the early eighties, he headed overseas to perform in some of the finest hotels in Asia. Well received in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Tommy headed to Seoul on the South Korean peninsula, where he performed with some of the finest musicians on the planet. See Poy appears on numerous recordings including some of his own. Tom brings a multitude of colour to the music as well as passion and finesse.

Wayne McIntosh,
Guitarist extraordinaire!! Wayne was born in the Northern part of Sydney, Australia. Wayne studied comprehensively for many years, has played music in a variety of genres and has toured extensively. Wayne appears on numerous Recordings, including CDs of his own. McIntosh brings to the music, a comical twist and unexpected light and shade.

Joe Vizzone,
Drums and Percussion. Joe was born in Sydney Australia. He studied with various drummers and percussion players from around the world. Joe received a scholarship to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, under the direction of Don Burrows. Joe has toured and performed both in Australia and other Countries and appears on Numerous CDs including two of his own. Joe is well versed in various genres and enthrals people when he plays an unusual instrument called the “HANG”, pronounced “HUNG”. He brings to the music, love, the unexpected and a sense of time without meter.

Nasser Selimi
An accomplished and polished musician. Hailing from a musical family where his father was also an accomplished Middle Eastern percussionist.

Nasser began playing in clubs, cabarets, shows and orchestras at the age of 22 and has since gone on to become an international entertainer, During his broad career, he has toured throughout Europe, USA, South America and the Middle East with international artists and performed at the Moulin Rouge in France, as well as performing with the French National Orchestra (Orchestre National De France). Specialising in Latin rhythms, Nasser worked with Salsa artists and co-founded his own musical group, Sabor a Son.

His album credits include Gypsy Kings, Khaled, Alabina and Chebba Zahouania, and he has recorded 7 CDs with Jamal Allam, one of the world’s leading Arabic singers. His session work also included recording for advertisement soundtracks including Coca Cola, Peugeot, Kelloggs, television shows and numerous movie soundtracks.

Nasser’s 30 year career is driven by his passion for Latin and Middle Eastern percussion. In pursuing that passion, he has collaborated with like-minded artists and associates to produce a modern world music fusion. He brings to the music a sense of adventure.

The North Project
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