Waratah Nicholls

Painter/Installation Visual Artist

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Gentle Earth, Joe’s Place, Atherton, Queensland
Nature’s PowerHouse, Cooktown
Silk and Paper, Ink and Pencil, Foyer Art Gallery, Atherton, Queensland
Inner Light Nature’s PowerHouse, Cooktown
Nature’s PowerHouse, Cooktown
It’s Elementary, Nature’s PowerHouse, Cooktown

Waratah Nicholls
Inner light, ink on silk, 2005
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I live near at Helenvale near Black Mountains, south of Cooktown. I’ve lived in this region, for twenty-nine years and everyday I am inspired and awed by the beauty, energy and majesty, of the natural world that surrounds me.My art is an expression and reflection of this awe, I feel so lucky to be living in a place that is so abundant with the vibrancy of the wilderness.While exploring Australia I travelled to the Red Centre, I met some Arrernte women in Alice Springs, they taught me to batik on silk, and so started my love affair with Silk.Teaching my children through school of the air, I attended a Distance Education Tutor’s camp at Ravenshoe on the Atherton tablelands. I joined a class doing silk painting. I loved it immediately, the beautiful colours, the way they flow onto the silk, the light, almost ethereal quality of the finished painting.I continued to experiment with painting on silk and held my first exhibition in 1995,I have now held several exhibitions and painted many scarves and sarongs each one is an individual piece of art.
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